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Athletic Cup & Jock Strap

Athletic Cup & Jock Strap

  • COMBAT: MMA cup protector men, muay thai cup, brazilian jiu jitsu pro gear (bjj cup protector), krav maga training gear, groin support protective cup for karate gear, taekwondo sport supporter, boxing groin protector / boxing protective gear, kickboxing or any contact sports, our jock strap and cup for men is perfect for you. Our athletic gear and men's jockstrap is best for high impact sports such as baseball cup, soccer, football, lacrosse, rugby, hockey, etc.
  • COMFORT: Our Athletic cup and genital protector protects groin muscles with a specially designed men's jock strap that is made of flexible and moisture wicking material to allow maximum comfort and mobility in all sports while staying in one place. Very lightweight and can be placed over men's athletic underwear or other sports underwear for men, found more comfortable than traditional steel muay thai cup
  • ECOFRIENDLY : For every jock strap with cup sold we remove 1lb of trash out of our ocean and waterways. A sports cup and mens jockstrap that protects not only you but the environment as well. Get your mens cup protector today!
  • HIGH QUALITY: Our mens athletic supporter with cup has been tested by professional fighters during their fight camp. Being used as an mma cup or boxing cup as a crucial piece of sparring gear / mma gear. Our athletes recommend this as a must have for mma training equipment. Other athletes include professional lacrosse players as well as baseball and hockey players.
  • MULTILAYERED The Blue Balls jock straps and groin cup for men utilize a multilayer design to help reduce impact. Our athletic cup mens has a hard rubber shell with a carbon fiber plate layered over top to help disperse the blow acting as a reliable men cup protector
  • Groin Protection

    When engaging in high-impact sports that involve rapid movements, sudden stops, and potential collisions, safeguarding yourself against injuries becomes paramount. This is where groin protection in the form of an athletic cup and supporter, commonly known as a jock strap and cup, comes into play. Specifically designed to shield the delicate groin area, men's athletic cups provide an essential layer of defense, reducing the risk of injuries that could sideline athletes for an extended period.

    Why Groin Protection is Vital

    The groin houses sensitive and vital structures, including the testicles and surrounding soft tissues. A sudden impact to this area can lead to excruciating pain, bruising, or even more severe injuries. Here's why wearing an athletic cup is so important:

    • Injury Prevention: An athletic cup acts as a barrier, distributing the force of impacts and shielding the groin from direct hits. It significantly reduces the risk of bruising, fractures, and other injuries.

    • Confidence Boost: Athletes who know they are well-protected are more confident on the field or in the ring. This confidence translates into improved performance and a decreased fear of injury.

    • Recovery Time: Groin injuries can be debilitating, requiring extended recovery periods. Wearing a cup can prevent these injuries, allowing athletes to stay in the game and maintain their training routines.

  • Sports that Demand Groin Protection

    While groin protection is beneficial in various sports, it's particularly crucial in those where the risk of impact to the groin region is heightened. Some of the sports that necessitate wearing an athletic cup include:

    • Martial Arts and Combat Sports (Muay Thai Cup): Martial arts disciplines like Muay Thai involve intense striking and clinching techniques, making the groin a vulnerable target. A Muay Thai cup provides essential protection for fighters, allowing them to focus on technique and strategy without worrying about compromising their safety.

    • Hockey: Ice hockey and field hockey both involve fast-paced play and the potential for errant sticks or pucks to make contact with sensitive areas. Wearing an athletic cup is an essential safety measure for players at all levels.

    • Baseball and Softball: These sports involve rapid movements and the risk of being hit by fast-moving pitches or errant balls during fielding. Wearing a cup provides crucial protection for players in these scenarios.

    • Football: In American football, the combination of high-speed tackles and collisions increases the likelihood of groin injuries. A sturdy athletic cup is an integral part of a football player's protective gear.


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